Report Builder

Report Builder Tool

  • Infinite reports can be customized with click of a button and report templates/formats can be saved for regular use
  • Provision to select/unselect the data columns
  • Ordering/Sorting of data on any column (ascending/descending)
  • Provision of sorting of data on multiple columns
  • Provision to apply multiple data filters
  • Provision for data group and filters on aggregated grouped data
  • Provision for data limit and offsetting with pagination feature
  • Facility to save any report format/template with name of your choice which can be executed with updated data on click of a button
  • User defined report formats/templates can be modified and deleted anytime
  • Any report format/template can be set as default format
  • Provision for format resetting and data refresh
  • Provision to export the report data in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats
  • Report data can be printed on any printer
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